Welcome to New World Communications. Our mission is to provide intelligent communications solutions for a 21st century world and to deliver the mission-critical learning a new world needs, and our vision is to do this by "Walking the Walk"...specializing in using cloud-based applications and virtual architecture...in an innovative, green, sustainable way.  We serve local, regional, national and international clientele from the smallest micro-business to the largest nation-state, providing the following services: CALL TODAY AT 425.780.6872
  • Strategic planning, technology consulting & virtual focus groups
  • End-to-end point-of-sale/e-commerce/backend accounting/customer loyalty platform solution development/online engagement over Google+ and designing webinar series
  • "Cloud Computing" using Google applications
  • Global training & development management over the Internet
  • Advanced web design with web television.
  • Web television for driving traffic to your website and physical world business.
  • Business relationship-building using social networking architectures and YouTube
  • Online knowledge product development support and social change using technology.
Imagine How Much Better the World Would Be Using New Google + Video Hangouts

That's what we are working on using new Google+ Hangouts to grow business in three areas:
  • Small Business development applications that grow your business
  • Not-profit fundraising and capacity building applications that can help you turn that crucial corner.
  • Government applications that fix the economy and serve the people better.
  • Corporate social responsibility applications that are big reach and learning rich...and ultra-green
  • ...and many, many more.
For more information, and to "Hang out with us... Call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's explore ways to move business forward. Also see our page on Google+ 
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See Art's Blog for my perspectives on latest developments important for developing sustainable business in a 21st century World. 

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We work with people in 1) government, 2) small-to-medium businesses, 3) not-for-profit organizations, 4) large businesses, 5) the K-12 learning community, and 5) the international community, and have been in business since 1997. We are also value innovators doing front-running work, working  with powerful new communications and learning technology.Also see our New World Television Channel page to see our new NWC Overview. 

One of our unique strategic advantages is that we are a learning organization, providing people with 21st century communications, learning and conferencing services that "speak" to their needs.

See our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center for more information on our virtual learning, our virtual conferencing, and virtual trade show capabilities.

Our success has historically involved working closely with a lot of people in organizations over the years to help them address their communications and learning needs with quality solutions in key areas impacting their lives and their businesses. See our Client List for more information.

Blue Ocean Strategy, a great book in our Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore is one of the tools in our arsenal of many. W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne's classical book on value innovation is a great read and a great book to discuss and get on the same page with people around. This is especially so with those who recognize the value of innovation. We have been practically applying Blue Ocean Strategy to create whole new "blue oceans" of market space, making all other competitors irrelevant ...and its working.

Although we are small micro-business with very little overhead, and intend to keep it that way, via the use of collaborative technology, social networking and our "smart team" of strategic business partners, using Blue Ocean Strategy, we are able to scale rapidly and manage projects of virtually any size. 

Best regards,

Art Johnson

Folks - What's been great for me and New World Communications, and what can be great for you these days are three REALITIES for "Developing Business in a 21st World":
  • 1) "The Physical World" with its conventional transportation to conventional architecture, and conventional face to face way of doing business in a limited, time-consumptive, money-consumptive way, as we trash the planet with our pollution and resource plundering, in a "blood red" shark-infested ocean of competitive market space. The good news is that so-called "Physical World" of ours... is not as good as gets.  

  • 2) "The Virtual World"... with our approach. your website no longer has to be just like everyone else's boring text and graphics website. Instead working with us, and working with new Google+ and YouTube virtual architecture, you can create the experience of meeting "inside" of this virtual architecture. The "transportation" is also virtual, people instantly "get there"...riding the electrons and instantly "get back"...just by logging off. With our approach you can engage with whole groups of people face-to-face, locally, regionally, and across the planet.Think webinars and web television programming you can taught and empowered to do yourself for phenomenal front-running advantage....in a whole new "blue ocean" of still uncontested market space.

  • 3) "Hybrid World" - with our approach, you can "virtualize" and live-stream physical world happenings with people at one end-point to people at multiple other end-points, locally, regionally and ...across the planet. From "getting enabled" technically, logically, and emotionally... all the way to participating in world-class multi-day conferences and tradeshow event..it's just a matter of learning about and of "Developing Business in a 21st Century World"
We provide the following services:
  • 21st Century Management Consulting - 21st century communications, learning,  technical consultation & liaison, strategic planning, business development and outreach which we do, "walking the walk" ourselves for phenomenal advantage. Call and let's meet in our New World Virtual Meeting Room 425-780-6872.

  • 21st Century Marketing Communications Planning and Implementation involving multiple technologies - web presence, e-commerce, web conferenced communications, "cloud" computing and collaborative work,  e-learning, e-television, and social networking

  • 21st Century Instructional Design - Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) using the Kirkpatrick Method and delivered using multiple learning technologies - e.g. interactive learning applications, web conferencing, virtual focus groups, web television, learning management system (LMS)  architecture

  • Virtual Meetings, Web Television, Critical Conversations. Remote Consulting, E-learning, Virtual Conferences & Virtual Trade Shows 
    We are a front-running virtual event planning, support, communications and instructional design firm, providing an entire suite of virtualization services that involves face-to-face web conferencing, "rolled in" best practices web television, high-powered "critical conversations" & virtual focus groups, remote consulting and e-learning, and multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows. These services help people and organizations "Walk Through the Virtual Door" for phenomenal advantage. CLICK HERE for more info on our Multi-day Virtual Conference & Virtual Trade Show Services

  • Community-based Economic Development - We use 21st Century Communications and learning strategies and tools to develop local, regional, national and international communities with over 20 years of expertise in education, public radio, public television and advanced technology.
See our Services area for more details.

New World Communications is a front-running green and sustainable communications and learning consulting firm that can deliver phenomenal advantage. 

For more information, please contact us at: 1-425-780-6872