Strategic Planning & Communications Services
        • Strategic planning, business communications consulting; communications architecture using multiple technologies - web, television, mobile
        • Virtual IT infrastructure implementation and website/web portal design and development services - we specialize in addressing the needs of small business, and community-based, not-for-profit organizations and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
        • Website and robust web portal development for virtual enterprises of any kind or size. 
        • Web television production, programming and television channel development using new technology.
        • Virtual Meeting Room and conferencing capabilities for e-meeting and training "inside"  your web portal 

          For more information, see our Virtual Enterprise Development Services page
Learning Services via our Learning Resources
  • YouTube program series for Learning, Training and Organizational Development
  • Workshops & Courses that we offer to you and develop for you.
  • Enterprise-wide learning-based business development campaigns
  • Virtual Conferences and Trade shows at a mere fraction of cost of physical world ones
  • Physical world event "virtualization" services 
  • Virtual Focus Group and Strategic Planning services
  • "On-demand" Instructional Design Services
  • Global Strategic Partnership-building Services
Government Services

Here is a partial list of government-related services that New World Communications provides, organized by NAICS code:

Consulting Services - Using 21st century strategies & technologies
  • 541611 - Business management & business start-up consulting services, strategic planning
  • 541612- Human Resources Consulting, Executive Search, Labor Relations, Outplacement, Personnel Management
  • 541613 - Marketing Communications Consulting, Customer Service Consulting, Sales Management Consulting, New Product Development Consulting, Virtual Focus Groups, Virtual Event Planning, Conversational Marketing
  • 541614 - Process, Efficiency Management Consulting
  • 519130 - Internet Publishing and Broadcasting, Web Search
  • 517120 - Television Broadcasting
  • 512191 - Teleproduction Services
  • 518111 - Information Access Services, Online Servces

Training Services - Providing 21st century instructional design and delivery
  • 611430 - Professional & Management Development Training
  • 624110 - Teen Outreach Services, Youth Guidance Organizations
  • 624310 - Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Job Training, work experience, job development, mentor program development
  • 611699 - Survival/Emergency Preparedness training
International Services
  • Telecommunications infrastructure and capacity-building
  • Global conferencing using low cost technology
  • Organizational development and capacity-building
  • Leadership development
  • Fund-raising and donor development
  • Technology and self-mediated, self-determined empowerment using community-based pedagogy
Multi-day Virtual Conferences & Virtual Trade Show Services - Click Here 
  • Virtual Conference & Virtual Trade Show Consultation, Planning and Project Management
  • Virtual Event Program Development
  • Stakeholder Training & Development - Presenters, Vendors. Attendees
  • Large Event Web Conferencing with Concurrent Breakout sessions
  • Virtual Trade Show Floor with Virtual Booths
  • Pre-event promotional campaign services that culminate in show
  • During event e-commerce based limited time offers
  • Post-event remote consulting, e-learning, relationship-building, business development and sales opportunities
For more information, please contact Art Johnson at 206-920-8067.

Small-to-Medium Business Services

These are a suite of professional services that we provide to small business owners:
  • Business coaching, consulting, analysis & strategic planning
  • Marketing communications consulting, planning, and campaign management
  • Technical Consultation & Liaison services - multiple technologies
  • Small Business Cloud Computing IT consulting and training using low cost, no cost applications from Google and/or Microsoft.
  • Marketing Communications Services
    • Marketing Communications Technical Consulting
    • Virtual Event Planning
    • Graphic design, advertising design, print collateral
    • Web business presence and e-commerce site development
    • Blog campaign planning, development and implementation
    • Publications and whitepaper development
    • Social Network design, implementation, management and administration
    • Web television planning, production, channel development, viral sharing
    • Social Responsibility, Goodwill Marketing and Strategic Business Relationship Building
    • NEW-Hyperlocal Business Development using Community-Authored (Web) Television
  • Small business contractor outreach and capacity-building
    • Marketing to government using low-cost but advanced communications technologies
    • Competitive bidding strategies using online collaborative
    • Business Networking using the Internet.
    • Membership-based web applications development
    • Virtual meet-and-greets
    • Virtualization of physical world meetings
    • Virtual Trade Show Planning
Not-for-Profit Services
  • Information Management for Community Resource Development
    • Management Consulting working with leadership team, staff, board
    • Strategic Technology Planning and Implementation
    • Cloud Computing Virtual IT Infrastructure development using no cost, or low cost applications from Google, Microsoft and others.
    • Technology Implementation services and professional development using multiple strategies and technologies
    • Fund-raising and development using web conferencing, web television, and social networking
Also see our Special Projects & Initiatives page for more information

Research & Development Services
  • Marketing Research
  • Internet Research
  • Television Programming Research & Development
  • Community Research
  • Critical Conversations & Focus Groups
  • Community Resource Development
  • Non-government Organizational Support
  • Talent Aggregation and Global Solution Development
  • Learning Delivery System Development
  • Content Development/Knowledge Product Development