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Multi-day Virtual Conferences & Virtual Trade Show Services

"Get There"...and "Get Back"... instantly with no travel expenses...and no physical world convention center expenses, just by logging on and off. This virtual transportation-to-virtual architecture approach uses not one cent of fuel and adds not one micron of pollution, with no CO2 all.

Meet First in a Large... Virtual... Auditorium

We have the capacity to support up to 1000 "seats" or more precisely 1000 end-points. If there are five or more people seated at one physical world each end-point that means that we could reach 5000 or more people in one virtual space at one time. Remote keynote speakers and panelists can log in and present...from anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection. This uses low cost web conferencing...not expensive webcasting services.

Then Attend Concurrent Break-Out Sessions in Smaller Virtual Rooms
Smaller groups can attend workshop sessions on topics of mission-critical interest. Presenters all present remotely but there also can be facilitators at each physical world end-point. Web sites can be "toured" in sync and best practices web television using low-cost, almost no-cost technology can also be "rolled in" to these concurrently-held sessions. With an intelligent communications and learning approach, sessions can be more powerful, richer and more engaging ... more worth it ... than most physical world sessions where workshop presenters are not as communication-savvy or as learning-savvy.

New World Communications Learning Services via The New World Learning Institute & Conference Center 

New World Communications is a 21st century communications and instructional design firm capable of developing powerful "blended" learning solutions that use a "mix" of physical world stand-up training and virtual world learning resources. For more information see our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center area.
Virtual Refreshments ....can even be enjoyed...if we just get creative
Even refreshments and social conviviality can be enjoyed if participants meet together at  multiple espresso cafe end-points and receive a complimentary espresso cafe gift card for their favorite espresso coffee or tea drink, pastry, lunch or afternoon refreshment. Laptop participants logging into the free WiFi can use headsets to hear better and not be annoyed by the music, frothing and surrounding conversations. Using a bluetooth headset and their cellphone, they can even be part of the conference call, muting and unmuting their cellphones for clear, crisp communications. 

Then "Walk" the Virtual Trade Show Floor
Using their web browser, participants are then presented with a bird's eye view of a virtual trade show floor, complete with virtual booth numbers and an on-line directory of all exhibitors booths. A promotional "real-world" video with engaging hosts interviewing exhibitors pitching their virtual booths is streamed on the same page. 

Meet with Exhibitors in Their Virtual Booths

Each virtual booth is a full-blown web conference session room where remote presenters can meet "face-to-face" using multiple low-cost webcams and where slides can be remotely presented and best practices web television customer testimonials can be "rolled in". Even limited time only special show offers can be made and attendees can take immediate advantage of them by purchasing them on-line, right then and there. 

New World Communications Offers a Complete Suite of Virtualization Services - Virtual Conferences & virtual trade shows work best when stakeholders have gotten comfortable using low cost web conferencing and web television services as part of their regularly every day business practice. New World Communications can also help you with that. 

Call us today, and let's explore how New World Communications can move the business of multiple stakeholders...phenomenally forward.. culminating in powerful virtual conferences and trade show events - 206-920-8067.