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Special Projects & Initiatives

The Minority Business & Youth Alliance Network is a special project that New World Communications helped develop that connects at-risk, court-involved youth of color with businesses who care. New World Communications outreached to businesses, creating special work internships and also taught and empowered youth to produce their own web television. Funded by The Seattle Foundation the program funds where administered by The Workforce Development Council of Seattle King-County in close partnership with King County Superior Court Juvenile Division Community Programs. This program which New World Communications managed, developed and expanded, utilizes special social network architecture.

Information Management for Community Resource Development
As part of it's mission to deliver the mission-critical learning a new world needs, New World Communications has been doing front-running work in local, regional, national, and international communities, practically applying intelligent communications strategies and tools to develop vital community-based resources. Investing in the development of at-risk court involved youth of color and making a difference in the lives of these youths is one of the most valuable and rewarding projects and initiatives, that New World Communications has been involved with. This experience is helping serve as the inspiration for a new community resource development book and workbook on the same subject that we will publish in Spring of 2010. The workbook will also be part of a comprehensive curriculum with accompanying web television program series.

The MBYA News is a Google Sites-based newsletter with embedded web television content that New World Communications empowered at-risk, court-involved youth of color to produce. CLICK HERE to view.

 If you too are also interested in seeing positive things happen in the community, on YouTube and over Google+  call us  at 206.920.8067.