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Google website direction... still a well-kept secret...for many

posted Jul 20, 2010, 1:46 PM by Art Johnson   [ updated Jul 20, 2010, 3:11 PM ]
 Our new Google-based website.. provides us with phenomenal advantage  like integration with our iGoogle power dashboard, additional Google applications and tons of powerful third-party applications. I can already see the hand-writing on the wall.. much of the world will "Go Google" and its great to be a front-runner in this...and ahead of the rest.

Our Google website direction is amazing...chocked full of pleasant surprises for us and eventually for many stakeholders...that we get to first. from the smallest micro-business just starting up daunted by the old... to not-for-profits being held captive by WordPress,  Drupal and Joomla medium businesses... to large business... to government...all paying way to much and looking to reduce their IT costs...and I predict even with whole nation-states. I finally decided to abandon my older-think website development and hosting direction and have "gone Google".  Already this has proven to  be incredibly smart, radically lowering my cost, and saving me a whole lot of time and empowering me with advanced capabilities that I could only dream about in the past.  

And what a well-kept secret this as people continue to pay more money and waste more of their precious time on really dumb stuff like having their hard drive or their server crash.. and losing all their files.. and on paying all that money and spending all that time updating software licenses and learning bloated local applications with some functions they will never even get too, paying more and actually getting less value.  I will keep blogging. Who knows maybe I'll be able to break through at the clutter.. and be able to wake some folks up...some of whom don't realize that they are still sleeping. All y'all can stick with the "Walking Dead" if you want to .. As for me, I am moving my business ahead thanks to Google.  Let's connect if you are curious about what a Google direction will do you. Art - 425.780.6872