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NWC Plans Series of "Critical Conversations for a 21St Century World"

posted Oct 12, 2009, 9:53 PM by Art Johnson   [ updated Oct 12, 2009, 11:25 PM ]
New World Communications, a front-running 21s century communications and learning firm is in the process of planning and launching a series of high-powered web conferenced-based "critical conversations" on topics of deep concern to people and organizations across the region, across the US and across the world. Best practice web television, authored by stakeholders themselves will be "rolled" into to these real-time sessions. Key topics will focus on green and sustainable approaches to: 1) health, 2) government, 3) small-to-medium business development, 4) not-for-profit business development, 5) large business development, 6) K-12 education, 7) communications, 8) advanced  and learning, 9) organizational change, 10) social change, 11) economic development, 12) environmental stewardship,  and 13) the creation of world peace.  What will be unique about this "outside-the-box" series will be the diverse group of stakeholders from all walks of life who will be engaging in this series of conversations and virtual focus groups. This online series of events is designed to both inform and shape public policy in our now 21st century world and to improve the quality of our lives.

For more information, contact Art Johnson at New World Communications at (206) 920-8067.