Global Strategic Partnership Building Services

New World Communications has front-running expertise to bring public sector and private sector people and organizations together to build strategic partnerships of mission-critical importance, locally, regionally, and across the planet.  We leverage the following Learning Resources that take full advantage of our suite of low-cost and no-cost cloud-based technologies:
  • Virtual Focus Group & Strategic Planning Services - We use ultra low-cost, time-saving, money-saving, revenue-generating, eco-friendly tools and strategies to bring diverse stakeholders together on-line and "face-to-face" to inform, shape and build powerful strategic partnerships, locally, regionally and across the planet in ways never before possible.

  • Membership-based Web Portal Building - We leverage an entire suite of cloud-based IT infrastructure to build robust membership web portals that brand and support the partnership with many of the advanced capabilities that you experience on our own website including the ability to meet, train, learn, convene, exhibit and transact business "face-to-face" "inside" of virtual architecture. 

  • New World Television - We design produce well-architected quality YouTube programming to develop partnerships using affordable HD technologies.

  • Workshops & Courses - We train and empower stakeholders to author powerful quality web television programming themselves that drives partnership-building, trains and empowers people and organizations in physical, virtual, and hybrid worlds

  • The Campaign Course - We remotely consult,  building partnerships on an on-going year-by-year basis via a series of well planned virtual and "virtualized" events that we orchestrate.

Our Global Strategic Partnership Building Services can do a world of good and attract more of it. For more info and to arrange for a free online consultation, call Art Johnson at 425-780-6872 or visit our Free Consultation page and submit an online request. 
  • New World Learning Institute & Conference Center Services - We culminate our campaigns in a series of empowering virtual training boot camp all-day events  as well as plan, develop and orchestrate multi-day world-class virtual conferences and trade shows

  • "On-Demand" Instructional Design Services - As communications and learning architects, we design and develop "On Demand" instruction designed to improve human performance develop partnership organizational capacity across the entire multi-party enterprise,