"On-Demand" Instructional Design Services

New World Communications is a front-runner, architecting global communications and elearning solutions, locally, regionally, and across the planet, working with state-of-the-art courseware, learning management system (LMS) and learning content management (LCMS) architectures, and robust gamification platforms in a now dynamically changing, social e-learning world  We began here instructional design-wise, coming out of public television distance-learning:

* Analysis - We analyze training "challenges" transmuting them into training opportunities via our consulting services
* Design - We design online learning solutions from concept to completion,d from end-to-end, including the metrics
* Development - We develop both courseware as well as online learning management content management solutions
* Implementation - Our implementation approach helps you implement solutions in timely and mission-critical way.
* Evaluation - We use advanced techniques of evaluation that informs the performance of all stakeholders.

TOOLS we work with: 1) Captivate, 2) Storyline, 3) Camtasia, 4) SnagIt, 5) Premiere, 6)PhotoShop, 7) YouTube, 8) YouTube Live, 9) Zoom e-meetings, webinars, Zoom Rooms 10) Android and iOS smartphone mobile learning, livestreaming, conferencing and "social" learning content authoring, and 11) many many more as they continually emerge. 

YOU TUBE and the new "Social" Micro Learning - New World Communications, leveraging our rich background in broadcast public television distance learning, is a front-runner in the new "social" learning, using learner-authored YouTube-based  micro-learning nuggets that learners can now produce in HD via the smartphones. See our New World Television Services as well as our Workshops & Courses where we train and empower people across generations to author some of their own quality content. 

LMS/LCMS upgrade, implementation and "power" adminstration services - We have either worked with or admiinistered multiple LMS/LCMS architectures.

HEALTHCARE eLearning: We have also done Electronic Health Records (EHR) clinical education e-learning working with many healthcare networks with many employees and many patient/clients, and for preventative healthcare we are to reach engage with customers via their mobile devices and HDTVs. 

CONFERENCES AND TRADE SHOW-related - Instructional Design Services - Also be sure to talk to us regarding your conference and tradeshow plans and our virtual conferences and trade show services that can include live-streaming, recording and multi-purposing of learning content for post-event revenue. We also work with state-of-the-art LMS/LCMS architecture that can manage CE credit-based eLearning and online certification phenomenally well. 

PHYSICAL WORLD TRAINING EVENT "VIRTUALIZATION" SERVIICES - Be sure to talk to us about affordably live-streaming your physical world training events so others can also "be there" remotely for fantastic advantage. See our Physical World Event Virtualization Services for more info. 

To which in a now 21st century  dynamically changing world we have now added:
  • SAM - Successive Approximation Model - working collaboratively with our clients in Agile Scrum virtual team based learning platform environments with weekly iterations
  • "Gamified" e-learning - We are are now applying game philosophy and game mechanics to engage learners using multiple communications and e-learning strategies. Newer LMS archictures that we are working with now provide systems-level gamification complete with badges, competitive leaderboards and merit-based certification.
  • "Realified" gamified e-learning - We are now gamifying real-time experiences in innovate hybrid world ways. 
  • Responsive e-learning - Are entire approach to learning delivery is now across smartphone, tablet, laptop/desktop, and big screen projected HDTV screen formats
  • "Social" Learning - We collaborate and work closely with learners to "co-create" with them training and empowering as authors of their own learning journeys
  • E-Mentoring - We work closely with our clients developing front-running new applications for mentoring in physical, virtrual and hybrid worlds. 
  • Year-long Learning/Business Development Campaigns -  We now offer year long consulting,  training, event planning, and orchestration services as the global communications and e-learning architects that we are. See our Campaign Course and our Virtual Conference & Trade Show Services
For more information - Contact is directly at 206-920-8067
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