Virtual Conference & Virtual Tradeshow Services

Welcome to The New World Learning Institute & Conference Center. It's inspiration was informed and shaped by our experience with businesses both large and small who need continued learning to evolve collaboratively in a rapidly changing 21st century world. The services that we uniquely provide are the following:
  • Strategic event planning and technical consultation for lower cost learning and conferences...without expensive travel or physical world hotel and convention center costs.
  • Instructional design using social learning and affordable web television
  • Multi-day virtual event planning, development and management services, including web television for promotion and learning.
Virtual Attendees can log in and "be there"...instantly
New World Communications' intelligent approach utilizes innovative new "social learning" strategies, tools and resources to deliver robust learning experiences in a number of convenient learning formats. We specialize in designing and supporting the following event-driven social learning and convening modalities:
  • Virtual Business Brunches and Lunches in conjunction with events
  • Virtual Business Casuals and Virtual Happy Hours
  • Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus Group Series
  • Regional, National, and International Multi-day Conferences
  • Online How-to Courses with real-time consulting support

What's New: Mobile Learning and Conferencing
It is now even possible to participate in virtual learning and conferencing events using an Android smartphone, Android table Apple iPhone or Apple iPad.
The social networking technology to do is is actually
Using new social networking technology is also an excellent way to build audiences prior to doing virtual learning and conferencing events.

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The New World Virtual Exhibition Hall

The New World Virtual Virtual Exhibition Hall completes the multi-day conference and tradeshow experience through the provision of the following capabilities:
  • Conference attendees can meet with vendors..."inside" their virtual booths...and meet "face-to-face" using webcams and smart phones. Exhibitors can present powerfully using a suite of tools. 
  • With a more advanced and more strategic, social media approach  more and better business reach and communications is now possible.
  • Vendor support services - Our services can include social network training, video marketing and product/service offering demonstration support.
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The New World Virtual Auditorium
The New World Virtual Auditorium
 takes advantage of Google resources to convene a large virtual audience...locally, regionally, nationally, internationally.
  • The capacity can be HUGE... with communications in real-time across the Internet and social media....streaming LIVE as people post.
  • Sessions can be recorded in real-time and made immediately available on YouTube.
  • New World Communications has a complete suite of services helping you plan, develop and orchestrate virtual only or hybrid-world events that combine the best of both physical world and virtual world strategies and resources. For hybrid world applications, see our Physical World Event "Virtualization" Services page. 

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The New World Virtual Meeting Center
The New World Virtual Meeting Center allows conference attendees the ability to attend hotel-style break-out sessions... for world-class social learning, facilitated by the world's very best local and regional and even national and international subject matter experts utilizing the following resources:
  • Robust social learning using YouTube and multiple social platforms as social learning platform.
  • Rich-media learning that can include collaborative-based sharing web television content.
  • Participants can even do collaborative work using cloud-based documents.
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Social Learning and Instructional Web Television
New World Communications is a front-runner in socially-driven, hybrid world learning, and community-authored curricula, that take advantage of new, ultra-affordable and even free tools and strategies - e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Linked In and other social platforms. Using these resources, New World Communications can provide:
  • Strategic programming and pre-production consulting services for both promotion as well as for instructionally-designed  learning delivery
  • Web television production services including live streaming and multi-camera big event shoots.
  • Post-production services involving distance-learning delivery. 
New World Communications is committed to providing intelligent communications solutions for a 21st century world and delivering the mission-critical learning a new world needs. 

 For more information, contact New World Communications at 1.425.780.6872 we be happy to meet with you, either in person or online if that is more practical cost-effective.