Physical World Event "Virtualization" Services

New World Communications now uniquely offers a suite of services for "virtualizing" physical world meetings and events, allowing groups of remote participants to "be there"..."face-to-face"  locally, regionally, and from across the planet through smart and innovative use of  low-cost and no-cost technologies, radically saving time, radically cutting cost, with "net-new" revenue-generation potential  and radically eco-friendly zero carbon footprint. Remote participants "get there" and "get back" instantly..."riding the electrons"... just by logging on and off.  Practical applications include:
  • Business meetings especially with strategic business partners
  • Sales meetings and sales training with people in the field
  • Enterprise-wide organizational development
  • Virtualized classrooms and the new broad-based "Social Learning"
  • Conferences and tradeshows... adding net-new revenue streams
  • ...and countless other business development applications
BENEFITS to you:
  • Leverages investment in physical world conferences and trade shows
  • Adds value and creates net new revenue streams via remote registration and enrollment
  • Uses suite of low-cost and even no-cost cloud-based technologies
  • Streaming of large auditorium events is also possible 
  • ....and much, more.
FREE  ONLINE CONSULTATION - You and members of your company, organization, or agency can experience the benefits first-hand by meeting with us "face-to-face" over the same technology. CLICK HERE

Image: Courtesy of Jaana Nystrom - Google Finland shared over Google+

This is an actual "virtualized" physical world meeting, with the entire session displaying on HDTV screen in the foreground. Technician in background is monitoring bandwidth and audio and managing participant video switching, real-time chat, setting up portable PA,  enabling presenters and audience with wireless lavalier and hand-held microphones.

THEN - Here's what it took to live-stream physical world event in Standard Definition (SD) broadcast television THEN.... a whole uplink truck with rented satellite time and an entire electronic new-gathering crew schlepping pricey 30 pound ENG cameras. All this just to produce standard definition (SD) television to a smaller audience:

NOW - And this it what it takes to live-stream physical world events in High Definition(HD) webcast television directly to YouTube at phenomenally lower cost NOW where it has phenomenally more business reach and more interactive "social" learning-richness and revenue-generation potential...with the right approach.