A New World Virtual Booth

Virtual conferencing attendees can visit Virtual Exhibit Hall exhibitors who can "be there" in their special Google-powered rich-media Virtual Booths that have the following powerful capabilities:

* Face-to-face meeting capabilities with people at up to nine other end-points... locally, regionally, and across the planet.
* Special Optional Booth branding
* Ability to do webinars presenting slides
* Ability to show videos right in the session
* Ability to tour your website and optionally shop online for special show discounts
* Sharing of special product/service literatture as .pdf the customer can review and print "on-demand" saving money, time and preventing wasted. 
* Exhibitors can have attendance to their booth promoted via special "Visit Our Booths" playlist. 
For more information - Contact Art Johnson at New World Communications - 425.780.6872