Virtual Focus Groups | Strategic Planning

Welcome to our new Virtual Focus Groups and Strategic Planning Services:
  • What: This is a suite of consulting services that take advantage of state-of-art low-cost and even no-cost cloud-based technologies to do "face-to-face virtual focus groups and strategic planning sessions across your entire local, regional, national, or even global marketing area.

  • Why: Here's why this service is so important what's in it for you and your business. All businesses need focus so that they can be on target with the people they serve.

  • Who: Our Virtual Focus and Strategic Planning services are super-affordable by everyone
    • Enterprise-wide IT Managers serving business unit managers, and their staffs
    • Solopreneurs and start-up solopreneurs
    • Authors, speakers, consultants, mentors, coaches
    • Small business owners - for both established and new business owners
    • Retailers and wholesalers
    • Ministers and faith-based organizations
    • Membership-based organizations and trade associations
    • Restaurant owners with their restaurant chains 
    • Technology companies - Software applications developers, relational database system providers. 
    • Healthcare providers
    • Service Companies - Professional services, Home services
    • Educational Institutions - Childcare, K-12, Higher Ed colleges and universities
    • Nonprofit stakeholders - Executive Directors, Development Managers, Volunteer Coordinators, Board Members, Strategic Business Partners
    • Large distributed Enterprises - Private sector as well as public sector
    • Software Development Companies and Information Technology Departments
    • Government contracting people, prime contractors, sub-contractors, workers
    • ...and many, many more.

  • How: We would be happy to consult with you consult with you to help you determine and define the scope-of-work for projects of any size, complexity, or budget. The good news is that we even some of our of our cloud-based resources..initially even without charge to help you arrive at that. 

    For more information:
    contact Art Johnson at 206-920-8067 or e-mail him at You may also request a free online consultation by submitting to request our support for global meeting with your key people.