Using YouTube to Grow Your Business - The Workshop

 Welcome to Using YouTube to Grow Your Business - The Workshop
  • Overview - This a one-day, "on-the-ground" six-module, six-hour "hands-on" workshop designed to have you and members of your group "fast-track" using YouTube video to grow your business. You the participants as part of your"take action" "hands-on" learning using your HD-video capable smartphones:
...with new amazing mobile video apps:

and with your webcam-enabled laptop:

  • You will:

     1) Plan, produce, edit and title and upload a smartphone video program to YouTube using your smartphone and revolutionary new no-cost and low-cost mobile video apps.

    2) Learn quick new way to produce a quality 40 second or 60 second assembled video ad...without you even learning how to edit!

    3) Be part of a live webcast using new mobile video live-streaming technology about using YouTube video to grow business that focuses on their progress made during the workshop.
We will cover the following topics:
  • Module One - Comprehending the Power of YouTube, Trends & Your Personal and Business Growth Opportunity 
    • Comprehending the Power of You Tube - Stats, Trends, Architecture and the Google "Eco-System"; Your YouTube programming driving your marketing across multiple platforms - e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Instagram, and most importantly, Google Plus
    • Using YouTube as the vehicle to for addressing your physical world personal and business growth "challenges" as virtual world opportunities 
    • A survey and discussion of some of the practical ways you can YouTube video to grow your business, including New Thought business development including accessing and utilizing the Law of Infinite Supply. 

  • Module Two - Hardware, Software, and Smart Approaches for Producing Sustainable Programming newly emergent powerful mobile video apps ...that even live-stream! 
    • An overview of smartphone and webcam video - hardware, software and the pre-production, production, and post-production skills involved
    • A brief overview of HangOut On Air programming and advantages of that
    • Pre-production planning in-the-cloud - Guidelines for YouTube engagement, choice of medium - one-page concept sheet, logistics, site surveys, permissions, and talent releases, copyright issues, and storyboard scripting; benefits of concise narration.
    • Designing sustainable programming that allows you to go personally and business-wise. 

  • Module Three - "Hands-on" smartphone mobile video production , Lighting/Contrast, Composition, Audio Scenarios, Directing and Shooting for Editing with Audience Captivation Tips
    • Production skills - lighting/contrast, composition, camera angle, horizontal shooting vs newbie vertical smartphone video; voice over narration strategies; directing talent
    • Post-production skills - smartphone form factor and editing ease; logging, trimming, deleting, sequencing clips; adding digital stills,  adding titles, transitions, special effects; voice-over narration strategies, music; introduction to more advanced layered editing (using Adobe Premiere Elements); rendering and uploading to YouTube

  • Module Four - Part I - Programming, Pre-production Planning, and Basic Editing ...learn the entire process! 

    • Part I - Programming & Captivating Your Audience
    • Pre-production planning with - Concept Sheets, Storyboard Script, Scripting and Voice-over Strategies, Talent Releases, Location Shooting Permissions, Copyright, and Adherence to YouTube Terms & Conditions
    • "No-cost" Basic Editing - Local and Online
  • Module Five  - Part II - Optimizing your Content for an Explosively Changing Social Media World, and Advanced Editing Strategies

    • Optimizing your YouTube program title, description and tags
    • Searching for search phrases that work and understanding the impact of optimizing and thumbnails, introduction to analytics
    • Advanced low-cost editing - layers, voice-over, music strategies, custom bumpers and more

  • Module Six - Part III - Community-building Using Smartphone Live Broadcasting,  HangOuts On Air, and more Advanced Live interactive Webcast programming and Automated Event Strategies

    • We''ll show you how to build community ( e.g. audiences) across multiple social platforms - e.g. Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.  
    • We'll discuss the power of YouTube programming for driving all your marketing across multiple platforms.
    • We will introduce you to live broadcast streaming right from your smartphone and to other more robust advanced live interactive and automated events platforms and powerful corresponding business development strategies that utilize them. 
  • Continental breakfast included (with our physical world workshop  or Starbucks Gift Card for our upcoming on-demand online course with our YouTube Learning Community Virtual Breakfast HangOuts)
  • Lunch included (with our physical world workshop or use more of the money or your Starbucks Gift Card included with our upcoming YouTube Learning Community Virtual Lunch HangOuts)
  • Afternoon snacks and beverages included (with our physical world workshop or use more of the money or your Starbucks Gift Card included with our upcoming YouTube Learning Community Snack-time HangOuts)
  • Early-bird enrollees can also have one-hour of post-workshop program planning online ,"face-to-face" consultation over Google HangOuts to help you get started,  an $85 value. 
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