Using Zoom to Grow Business
Zoom webinar offering has integrations directly to Youtube Live and Facebook Live. Talk to regarding engaging people locallly, regionally, and acoss the planet with well planned and well-executed television-literate programming
This is a global Zoom meeting with international participants planning a convention center in real-tiime with simultaneously being recorded for upload to YouTube
This is a Zoom webinar demontration of Zoom in the classroom produced by Zoom folks.
This is a brief introduction to Zoom Webinars produced by the people at Zoom. 

Using Zoom to Grow Business 
The Online Real-time "Face-to-Face" Course (RTC-201) 
This online, front-running real-time course for groups done "face-to-face" over is for groups of business people and organizations of all kinds and sizes:
 - Solopreneurs - Authors/Speakers/Consultants
 - Small business owners   - Nonprofit/NGO Directors and staff
 - CEO's and team members          - K-12 Superintendents and staff
 - "Physical world" Conference & Trade Show, and Fund-raising Event Planners  - Thought leaders, visionaries, gurus and community activists, emerging YouTube celebrities
 - Healthcare products and healthcare services providers  - Big-reach, Social Venture Partnership Creators
 - Local, regional, and national government agencies   - Large multi-location enterprises
 - Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Mgmt   - Socially-responsible "Green" business entrepreneurs
This course is for all of you and covers the following:
  • Module One - Your Business Challenges and the Zoom e-meeting, webinar Zoom Room, and platform extention opportunity -  The consultative focus of this modular session is a conversation based on your company's or group's current challenges, and how smart use of the cloud-based platform can help you address them with phenomenal advantage. (1 hour online session)

  • Module Two- Zoom e-meetings Hands-on course functionality for assuring quality communicatins and collaborative e-work - Quality sound is essential and quality web cam presence is an additional benefit for active engagement. So is scheduling meeting sessions navigating screens, sharing desktops, and passing mouse control. This session gets your group productively enabled to do collaborative work together without major disruption or delay. (1 hour online session)
  • Module Three - Advanced Zoom: Zoom Webinar and Zoom Rooms- This unit covers using Zoom webinars to grow business, and all of the pre-event, during-event, and post-event management of Zoom Webinars that stream live either to YouTube Live or to Facebook Live. Zoom Rooms are also covered for enabling global board room communications across your enterprise. Use of Zoom via integration with other third-party cloud-based apps will also be discussed. (1 hour online session)
  • Module Four - Zoom to the Max: "Developing Business in a 21st Century World" - This final session leverages knowledge and skills acquired in Modules One through Three, powerfully and practically using Zoom to grow business in eight key focus areas: 1) YouTube programming and channel development, 2) workshops & courrses you offer in real-time and on-demand, 3) 12 month business development campaigns chocked full of physical world, virtual world, and hybrid world events, 4) Virtual Conference & Trade Show applications of Zoom webinars and e-meetings for radical cost and time savings and "net new" revenue-generation possibilities, 5) On-demand eLearning applications, 6) Virtual Focus Group and Strategic Planning applications, 7) Physical World Event "Virtualization" applications, and 8) Global Strategic Relationship-building applications of Zoom technology, taking it "to the max."
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