Workshops and Courses

New World Communications develops and offers physical world, virtual world, and hybrid real-time and on-demand workshops and courses in response to people's needs and marketplace demand. The following is our current curricular offering:

 Using YouTube Live to Grow Your Business ..Indoors and Out

Using Google Plus to Grow Business
YouTube Live is a powerful robust online broadcast application that allows whole groups of people to instantly meet online "face-to-face" with each other, locally regionally and across the planet for phenomenal business advantage. It uses the same excellent HangOuts On Air "engine" but also has options that allow for broadcast streaming from third-party electronic field production (EFP) and full-blown studios. Livestreaming from smartphones is integrated wit YouTube Live. Now even instant meetings can be recorded privately indoors or out!. This four-session online real-time course helps companies and nonprofits fast-track seizing YouTube Live and focuses on practical ways to use YouTube Live to grow your business indoors and out!. CLICK HERE for more info. 
 Using YouTube to Grow Your Business

Using YouTube to Grow Business - The Workshop
YouTube, beyond pricey inaccessible and way less democratic broadcast and cable television, is by far the world's most powerful communications and learning medium. YouTube's audience is so broad and it's reach so profound, literally on every device, that it potentially is the ideal resource for growing businesses of any size. BONUS - We will also introduce you to using YouTube Live to grow your business indoors and out. CLICK HERE for more info
The Campaign Course

The Campaign Course
The Campaign Course is a 12-24 month remote consultancy comprised of a series of powerful physical world, virtual world and hybrid world social, learning, and business development events that help people and organizations rapidly develop and move forward for phenomenal advantage. Events are designed to culminate into powerful virtual training boot camps and world-class conferences and trade shows. CLICK HERE for more info.  
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New World Communications also provides contract-based 21st century, hybrid world curriculum development instructional design on a local, regional, national, and international basis.  For more information, call at 01.425.780.6872 or request an online free e-consultation