Using Google HangOuts to Grow Business

Using Google HangOuts  to Grow Business 
The Online Real-time "Face-to-Face" Course (RTC-101) 
This online, front-running real-time course for groups done "face-to-face" over Google+ HangOuts is for groups of business people and organizations of all kinds and sizes:
 - Solopreneurs - Authors/Speakers/Consultants
 - Small business owners   - Nonprofit/NGO Directors and staff
 - CEO's and team members          - K-12 Superintendents and staff
 - "Physical world" Conference & Trade Show, and Fund-raising Event Planners  - Thought leaders, visionaries, gurus and community activists, emerging YouTube celebrities
 - Healthcare products and healthcare services providers  - Big-reach, Social Venture Partnership Creators
 - Local, regional, and national government agencies   - Large multi-location enterprises
 - Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Mgmt   - Socially-responsible "Green" business entrepreneurs
This course is for all of you and covers the following:
  • Module One - Understanding and Leveraging the Power of Google HangOuts, HangOuts On Air, Live Broadcast and YouTube -  You experience first-hand, some of the benefits of meeting, learning, and doing business  face-to-face "inside" of low-cost,  no-cost Google+ HangOuts, and HangOuts On Air virtual architecture, while at the same time, you learn more about the power of Google+ within Google’s massive "eco-system" of  Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Android and multiple other cloud-based applications for growing business with overview of business development steps using Google+ (1 hour session)

  • Module Two- Accessing Google+, Building "Circles", Understanding Communities and Leveraging the "Social" Pieces, including Using YouTube provides "insider tips" for accessing Google+ through invitations, events, and new HangOuts app implementation. The targeted power of Circles is both explained and leveraged as is the posting of content, particularly photos and YouTube content that you produce yourself; the importance of "weighing in" and commenting, and building followers... the impact on Google Search (1 hour session)
  • Module Three - Advanced Uses of Google+ for Growing Your Business - This covers: 1) "Virtualizing" physical meetings and events; 2) planning a Critical Conversations/Focus Group series; 3) Leveraging the Power of your YouTube Channel, 4) building a world-class remote consulting practical 5) planning a series of "hybrid world" Boot Camps; expanding and scaling the enterprise and business "omni-presence" in cities across the planet using Google-powered virtual architectures and virtual PBXs; even doing a series of world-class multi-day virtual-only or hybrid-world conferences & trade shows for phenomenal advantage (1 hour session)
  • Module Four - "Developing Business in a 21st Century World" - A Critical Conversation - First session summarizes what has been learned and introduces to Google+ HangOuts On Air technology, and prepares them to be "on-air" as guests on a Google+ HangOuts On Air web television program that streams "live" to audiences members of the course have built. The program recorded directly to YouTube. (1 hour session)
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