Our Virtual Meeting Room

Instant "Face-to-face" e-meeting capability with a entire suite of communications and learning resources...using new Google+ HangOuts technology

Meet with us on-line in our New World Virtual Meeting Room with the following capabilities:
  • We now can remotely consult with you... with up to 14 other ¬†end-points
  • Do collaborative work using Google Docs and other cloud-based applications
  • Live-stream your virtual panel discussion to huge audiences to multiple locations at once, on Google+, on your YouTube Channel page, and on numerous websites
  • ...and even more powerful applications are being developed for the Google+ HangOuts platform.
"Once people start meeting online "walking the walk" and getting comfortable with it, they undergo a kind of epiphany, realizing that approaching the world the same old physical world way is 'not as good as it gets. " - Art Johnson

Using a combination of low-cost, and even no-cost "big reach", learning-rich technology and value innovation, New World Communications is uniquely able to:
  • Virtualize countless physical world meetings, while at the same time phenomenally expand business reach, radically saving time and money, while working more productively
  • Leverage the power of best practices web television to train, motivate, and empower people...and entire organizations.
  • Inform, inspire and involve the world in critical conversations and virtual focus groups that we help design and orchestrate.
  • Design, develop and implement remote consulting and distance learning applications
  • Design, develop, implement and manage entire multi-day convention center-type virtual conferences and virtual trade shows.. at a mere fraction of the cost... and in a mere fraction of the time with measurably better outcomes.
Please contact us if you need more information - 1.425.780.6872