Virtual Enterprise Development Services

New World Communication
has innovatively developed a robust suite of cloud-based services supporting the expansion and development of ultra-sustainable, eco-friendly virtual enterprises. These enterprises are intelligently designed to have simultaneous local, regional, national, and international business reach and world-class online "face-to-face" engagement. Our Virtual Enterprise Development Services begin by implementing the ultra-affordable Google Apps Enterprise platform that includes the following resources with zero carbon footprint:
  • Web Portal Development - We with an entire suite of cloud-based web portal-building architectures depending on the requirement. 
  • Virtual mail Services
  • Virtual file Services
  • Powerful master administrative dashboard
  • Virtual applications:
    • Docs
    • Spreadsheets
    • Forms
    • Presentations
"Face-to-face" web conferencing and collaboration for up to 50 online webcam-based panelists. Using our webinar services 
we can now stream live to huge audiences over both YouTube Live and Facebook Live. Groups of people can meet, learn, convene, and transact business "inside" of this virtual architecture for phenomenal benefit. Also see our New World Learning Institute & Conference Center and our Physical World Event "Virtualization" Services
Consulting closely with you, we can further extend the platform by adding additional functionality. 
  • Free applications
    • YouTube - the world's most powerful web-based television platform that streams to every mobile device and even to HDTVs via Chromecast and other "smart" HDTV technologies. We leverage over three decades of all things learning, marketing and television in our unique approach to using YouTube to grow your enterprise. See our all-day intensive course - Using YouTube to Grow Business 
    • Facebook Live - Facebook has now moved forward with live streaming on the Facebook platform
  • Affordable cloud=based e-work, e-conference room, and webinar technologies
    • We remotely consult and work collaboratively with people and organizations using state-of-the-art cloud-based e-work platforms that support our own development as virtual enterprise
    • Using new cloud-based communications and elearning technologies we are able to deliver phenomenal advantage across your enire enterprise. 
  • Third-party Applications and integration via the Google Apps Marketplace and Chrome webstore allow us to further extend the platform via  end-to-end business processes such as adding a virtual PBX platform with corporate phone tree that reaches employees working virtually in their virtual offices. 
New World Communications not only provides the tool set, but also offers a comprehensive suite of local, regional, national and international consultative services and Be sure to visit our eLearning Services to help people and organizations take full advantage of them.  Working closely with you, we using the platform to train and empower people and entire organizations, locally, regionally and across the planet. We can help you build your virtual office and business presence in every city where you elect to do business, as well as help you hold and orchestrate world-class virtual world, physical world and hybrid world events in record time. For more information - Contact Art Johnson at 425-780-6872 and/or request a Free  e-Consultation