About Us

"Providing intelligent communications Solutions for a 21st Century world and delivering the mission-critical learning a new world needs since 1997

New World Communications was founded in  1997 by Art Johnson after he left KCTS Public Television Learning Services in broadcast distance learning to launch the company.  There was a whole new world of affordable communications technology out there that, if intelligently approached and practically applied, could be offered as an intelligent suite of consultative-based global communications and  learning services and virtual architectures that could  help people and organizations move forward and thrive, Art could help them make significant gains, locally, regionally and across the planet, which is what New World Communications has since been demonstrating.

New World Communications's founder Art Johnson has many years of experience:

Here is the the evolution of  our services:

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Are you looking to make a difference navigating this next phase of your life and business affairs?  Then call us and let's talk.  You'll be glad you did!  

Virtually Building the Intergenerational Enterprise for phenomenal advantage

New World Communications is no longer a "me-myself-and-I" consulting practice. Our entire planet is our source of our talented inter-generational workforce recruited from across our planet. and working  closely with us and our global strategic partners  "inside" our own virtual enterprise. By working together this way,  in diverse, inclusive, powerfully good ways, we  therefore deliver phenomenal advantage, over other enterprises  currently not working as smart.  

Therefore let's  talk.  Via  "right thinking" and "right action", we can develop ourselves and scale to address virtually any need or requirement including training and empowering some of your own people to think and work this way as well.