Virtual Conference & Trade Show Services

Instantly "Get there" and "Get Back" just by logging on and off

New World Communications has now extended its abilities developing cloud-based virtual enterprises to provide brandable state-of-the-art virtual conference  and tradeshow architecture. This allows us to provide related services for marketing and orchestrating world-class multi-day virtual conference and tradeshow events that people, locally, regionally, and from across the planet can instantly "get to" and "get back" from, just by logging on and off. 

Virtual Auditoria

New World Communications Virtual Auditoria can  affordably  live stream to huge audiences , locally , regionally, and from across the planet. Key note speakers and panelists can also present slides,  roll in video, share screens and even bring in remote "reporters" and subject matter experts from the field  from across the planet over their smartphones. 

Virtual Meeting Centers

New World Communications Virtual Meeting Centers support multiple concurrently held smaller group breakout sessions at a time.  New World Communications  via its 12-Month Campaigns, also trains and empowers  presenters to facilitate powerfully and effectively,  sharing content,  streaming recorded videos, and even interacting with the global audiences in real-time. 

Virtual Lunch via Giftcards?

New World Communications can also work with you to provide gift cards to registrants for the purchase of food and drink from participating global espresso house strategic partners.  While you are eating and enjoying your favorite beverage,  you can also engage socially online. Talk to us! 

Virtual Exhibition Halls

New World Communications Virtual Exhibition Halls support multiple virtual exhibitors, exhibiting their products and services in their virtual booths.  New World Communications  via its 12-Month Campaigns, also trains and empowers  people to effectively communicate, capture leads into sales funnels and even transact business 

12-Month Campaigns

New World Communications provides a powerful suite of 12-Month Campaign Services that get attendees, presenters, and exhibitors trained and empowered to take full-advantage of  virtual conferences and tradeshows that can culminate these 12-month campaigns.  For more info, CLICK HERE

Save and make money and time!

New World Communications  Virtual Conference & Tradeshow Services can provide phenomenal advantage, not only saving money and time, but also  generating whole "net-new" streams of revenue for multiple stakeholders.  Let's talk!