YouTube Channel Development

Leveraging our rich background in broadcast television distance learning "fast-forwarded" to now over YouTube supporting new learner co-created "social" learning.

YouTube is by far the world's most powerful communications medium. Owned by Google, it also carries much weight, not only with Google Search, but also with every other search engine. New World Communications, can help you use YouTube to grow your business in the following ways:

  • Technical Consulting - YouTube tele-production strategies and audience research

  • YouTube-driven marketing campaign planning & implementation

  • Workshops & Courses focused on using YouTube to grow business , fundraise and do nonprofit and NGO capacity-building

  • YouTube for the new "social" learning including even VR e-learning, working with new "social" LMS architecture is our latest new initiative.

Our approach is both smart and affordable . Let's talk!you

"Using YouTube to Grow Your Business" - Our Online Course

Enroll in our new six-module online course designed to help you quickly get started so you can "fast-track" getting there sooner using these resources:

  • Module 1 - "Breaks the C.O.D.E." as evidenced by and informed by successful Creator experience

  • Module 2 - Helps you Get the Content Right that "speaks" to the needs of your audience.

  • Module 3 - Helps you Optimize all the pieces so you get known, liked, trusted, tried, and bought!

  • Module 4 - Helps you further Develop , launch,, and tweak your videos and channel is great ways

  • Module 5 - Helps you Expand by getting your uploading and distribution rightg

  • Module 6 - Helps you empower others and transform our planet in really good and timely ways!

Call and let's focus on you using YouTube to Grow Your Business and helping you "fast-track" this via our course.

Learn "The Way" YouTube Creators succeed over time

Via our "enlightened" business development approach using "Right Thinking" and "Right Action" you will learn "The Way. " This is the very same "secret" that YouTube insiders learn and succeed with delivering value and transacting business. We'll show how to "demonstrate" success via:

  • Planning your series - We'll get you reflecting about what matters and whay

  • Planning your productions - We'll get you reflecting on communicating what matters.

  • Delivering the Value - Here you will learn how to deliver what matters.

  • Transacting Business - You'll learn multiple ways that YouTube insiders are succeeding with transacting business that you can do too!

Call us and let talk about what's different about "The Way" you can succeed.