Mobilization Campaign Services

New World Communications leverages the learning outcomes of its online on-demand and real-time Workshops & Courses to do rapid mobilization campaigns that culminate in world-class virtual conferences and trade shows 

Our rapid mobilization campaigns are comprised of a powerful series of physical world, virtual world and hybrid-world live-streamed events that do a world of good.

New World Communications uses state-of-the-art, ultra-affordable, ultra eco-friendly, near zero carbon footprint technology to conduct powerful, transformative rapid mobilization campaigns comprised of the following step-by-step events:

Step One - Get Enabled

These are sessions that get people comfortable instantly "getting there" and meeting online "face-to-face" inside of virtual architecture and increasingly experiencing the benefits.

Step Two - Do Business

We then use the technology and suite of tools to do actually do business, not only locally, and regionally, but also across the planet in powerful, convenient, timely and cost- effective ways. 

Step Three - Be Social

We use the technology to bring people together and socialize through really fun events, indoors and out. 

Step Four - Use YouTube

We leverage the learning outcomes of our online YouTube course to have people co-create some of their own YouTube programming to share and socially learn with. 

Step Five - Virtual Business Casuals

We then continue using the technology to bring people together and socialize ,  growing business through really fun events, indoors and out, and at the same time, helping  small business restaurant owners  drive even more customers to their physical world  Happy Hours, by live-streaming  high- quality programming content to remote celebrants across the region.

Step Six - Conversations Series

We use the technology to engage in big-reach, learning-rich conversations that matter.  We expect several new  initiatives and new  business ventures will spin-out  our conversations series:

Step Seven - Virtual Training Bootcamps

These mid-year, one-day training events get people to fully participate as attendees, presenters, and exhibitors in virtual conferences and tradeshows.

Step Eight - Virtual Conferences & Tradeshows

After becoming "getting enabled" over a full year, people locally, regionally, and across the planet can fully participate in world-class virtual conferences and tradeshows that culminate the year that transact present and future business.  For more info, see our Virtual Conference & Tradeshow Services