Instructional Design Services

New World Communications' instructional design services leverage years of front-running  state-of-the-art expertise,  delivering phenomenal advantage  via the following resources.

Background in Broadcast Public Televison Distance Learning

We've  been "fast-forwarding" our experience to now over YouTube and other social media,

Early innovative Web Classroom Development

In Art Johnson's last year at KCTS, he taught himself digital media and HTML and designed an early prototype for a web-based virtual classroom.

Working with the entire E-Learning Technology Smorgasbord

We're now working with an entire smorgabord of e-learning authoring tools and hosting technologies, continuing evaluating version after version. 

"Power" LMS Administration

Since 2008,  we've been  using, and/or evaluating and/or administering multiple LMS  technologies including  even licensing  and "power"-adminstering newer state-of-the-art "social", mobile learning-enabled LMS architecture.

Systems-level Gamification & Micro-learning

New World Communications has recently had the opportunity of supporting its clientele with systems-level gamification and micro-learning courseware development.

Learner Co-authored "Social" Learning

More and more people using their own smartphones  and producing their own social media are now going outside the enterprise to learn and empower themselves. With "right thinking" and new "social" learning capable LMS , this "challenge" can be address as the HUGE opportuity that it potentially is. Let's talk!

NEW! Also see our new "How to" Workshops & Courses" that are part of our new diverse and inclusive Social Initiatives