Physical World Event Live-streaming

Physical World Event Live-streaming let's others instantly "be there", delivering phenomenal advantage

Understand and seize the advantage

If you use New World Communications to affordably live-stream your physical world events, you, your organization and the people you serve can enjoy phenomenal advantage:

  • More people can instantly "get there" and instantly "get back" just by logging on and off, locally, regionally, and from across the planet.
  • This radically lowers time and cost and can even drive whole "net-new" streams of revenue, adding value and taking nothing away.
  • Its not only good for business but this hybrid-world approach is also good for our planet!

Talk to us about we can do better than this, now at radically lower cost!

Only a few years ago only a few could afford to do this.

New World Communications, coming out of a broadcast background, knows what it took and what it cost to uplink and broadcast a physical world event:

  • You had to have an expensive, cost-prohibitivbe satellite uplink truck
  • You needed an entire Electronic Field Production (EFP) system and crew
  • You had to use expensive Electronic News Gathering (ENG) cameras and crew