The New World Learning Institute & Conference Center

New World Communications has been busy developing virtual learning, virtual conferencing, and virtual tradeshow portal architecture for "delivering the mission-critical learning a new world needs."

A Curriculum for a New World that inspires and moves us forward:

Our Big Idea - Delivering Curriculum a New World Needs

Our Big Idea: "Delivering the Mission-critical Curriculum a New World Needs"

New World Communications' Big Idea" has to do with being called to be the change we need to see, by "providing intelligent comunications solatuions and the mission-critical learning a new world needs. " And the good news is that Universe has actually been responding, expressing Itself in the form of new ways to thrive! Talk to us to us about our Curriculum for New World that we wll be delivering via The New World Learning Institute & Conference in real-time and on-demand. Talk to us!

Delivering inter-generational e-learning services

Delivering inter-generational e-learning services

New World Communications is also taking the lead in serving multiple generations of people navigating their lives with new socially co-authored e-learning strategies, tools, and curriculae that helps people of all generations , across cultures thrive. We've been doing this inspite of practices that discriminate based on age, race, culture, nationality, politics, gender, religion, disabilities and socio-economic class. Talk to us about working together to transform our planet!

Delivering e-learning co-authored by everyone

Delivering e- learning co-authored with everyone

New World Communications recognizes the need to reach, engage, empower and collaborate with people who have not yet enjoyed the benefits of next-generation e-learning from an economic participation and social justice standpoint and mindset. As a diverse enterprise ourselves, even involved in teaching Politics and Ethnic Studies, we have been front-runners for years, working with pedagogy developed by under-served learners themselves. Again, talk to us!

New World Communications Virtual Learning & Conference Center Architecture

Here's our very own branded virtual learning and conference architecture that we developed ourselves, and we can do the same for you:

Virtual Auditoria

Virtual Auditoria

Our Virtual Auditoria support large audiences from across the planet affordably "getting there" instantly, just by logging in. Presentations delivered by keynote speakers and on-stage panelists can be experienced by more people at a mere fraction of the cost, and in a mere fraction of the time using ultra eco-friendly, near zero carbon footprint virtual architecture.

Virtual Meeting Center Hallway

Virtual Meeting Centers

Our Virtual Meeting Centers support multiple smaller group breakout sessions happening all at the same time in multiple cycles Video content can be shared and participants can even collaborate using virtual whiteboards and special drawing and highlighting tools. Presenters and even their online assistants can be trained and empowered to be laser-pointing "power" presenters, reaching and interactively engaging with participants. Sessions can also be recorded for post-event e-learning applications..

Virtual Exhibition Halls

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Our Virtual Exhibition Halls support multiple Virtual Booths with virtual exhibitors we train and empower . New World Communications can also provide the following Exhibitor Services:

  • Pre-event promotional services and campaigns

  • Informational and product demo videos that help attendees find booths they are looking for as well as discover new products and new service offerings.

  • Post-event services for following up with attendees.

Virtual Booths

Virtual Booth

Virtual Exhibitors enjoy the benefits of convenient big-reach, learning-rich transactional engagement while saving much time and money. New World Communcations's ultra-affordable, and ultra eco-friendly, near zero carbon footprint approach also drives whole "net-new" multiple revenue streams. Call us!

Also, be sure to see our YouTube-driven 12-Month Campaigns and our robust suite of E-Learning Services that we'ved designed to be used in concert within our brandable virtual conferencing and tradeshow architecture.